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Frequently Asked Questions?

How to complete quests? What is Eunico Coins? How to participate as a nano-influencer? Are there non-influencer quest?

We know you have loads of questions. Let us help you with it. If you cannot find it in our FAQ, feel free to chat us up in our live chat.

Are there free quest?

Yes, most of the quests are free. Ranging from marathons, to food tasting, to trying out certain products.

Being an influencer seems to have more perks

You are absolutely right, we are linking up Nano-influencers to corporate missions that provides them a lot more perks. Feel free to join our influencer community and complete quests that benefits both the corporates and yourself.

What are the uses of Eunico Coins?

Eunico Coins are used to redeem rewards such as Cash Vouchers (Grab, Gojek, Starbucks) & Gifts (AirPods Pro, Secret Labs Chair, merchandise etc)

How do I earn more Eunico Coins?

Eunico Coins are earned whenever you complete a quest. Quest that helps a corporate achieve certain objectives tend to award more Eunico Coins?

I want an AirPods Pro. How do I have fun and earn that?

Most quests are fun, and you do earn coins upon completing them. Do more fun quests or try out some influencer quest to earn more coins. Chalk up these coins from your daily fun and redeem your AirPods Pro.

Why download Eunico Quest App

Basically if you are one that hangs out with friends / family / girlfriend / boyfriend, this is a perfect app to plan your outing hassle free and at the same time earn your favourite rewards with Eunico Coins.

How do I delete my Euni.co Quest account

We are sorry to see you go! Please reach out to us through the channels below to delete your Euni.co Quest account. Telegram: @eunico_support Email: Contact@euni.co

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